Golden Snitch ornament

If you are still looking for pretty ways to decorate your christmas trees this year and want something nerdy, you should try these Golden Snitch ornaments. They will not only bring back happy memories of you reading J.K. Rowlings books but also of Harry Potter spending his first christmas at Hogwarts. You will need: – small … Mehr Golden Snitch ornament

DIY Clay Jewelry

Recently I’ve been thinking about what kind of gift I could give my mum for Christmas, so I skimmed through Pinterest to find some inspiration an stumbled upon these beautiful DIY clay jewelry pieces. Since they are really simple to make I decided to give it a go and they turned out to be gorgeous! … Mehr DIY Clay Jewelry

Origami inspired DIY christmas tree ornaments

If you liked the mini christmas trees we showed you yesterday, you will be delighted by these easy DIY ornaments. The best thing: You’ll only need a few minutes to make them! You will need a square piece of paper (use origami paper for the best results), a pair of scissors, a needle and some yarn. The … Mehr Origami inspired DIY christmas tree ornaments