A short City-Trip to Belgrade

Just before finishing our Countdown to Christmas I had a few spare days which I used to travel to Belgrade. Serbia’s capital city is a wonderful town to see even if you only have time for a short visit. Here’s a short round-up of a few of the things the city has to offer:

Belgrade city trip Weird and Wonderful DIY 6

Kalemegdan is located on a cliff overseeing the two rivers Danube and Sava. The park surrounding the fortress is the home of several museums and statues that – as a whole – illustrate the many facets of Belgrade’s history. When I visited Belgrade for the first time Kalemegdan park was filled with lots of people meeting friends, taking a walk or simply enjoying a book and the warm weather. This time however it was already freezing cold and foggy outside giving the whole fortress a gloomy but interesting feel.

Belgrade city trip Weird and Wonderful DIY 1  Belgrade city trip Weird and Wonderful DIY 5

We also visited the Church of Saint Sava, one of the biggest orthodox churches in the world. It’s construction began in 1935 and is still going on inside. Despite the building work and the cold temperatures there were quite many people visiting it though.

Belgrade city trip Weird and Wonderful DIY 4

We also spent a delightful time at the Nikola Tesla Museum where the friendly staff guided us and other visitors through the permanent exhibition and it’s hands-on models. We met three retired police officers there who had so much fun while trying out a particular exhibit that released electrical impulses whenever someone touched it.

The best part about our trip to Belgrade however was meeting so many nice and hospitable people in such a short time. No matter how busy everyone was, they always took time to meet up, offered up Turkish coffee or help us navigate the city.

If you also like to bring food back home instead of other souvenirs, you should pay a visit to a lokal bakery (пекара) or find some typical sweets.


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