Christmas Cookies



What’s better than cookies? Homemade cookies! That’s why we baked and decorated our cookies ourselves this year.
There are several options to decorate your sweet treats. We tried some of them for you:



Coloring cookies with food colour: All you need to do to is adding it to your cookie dough and stir thouroughly. Depending on what kind of food color you use, usually the more you add the richer the color will be after baking. You can also go for a more marble-like look by not stirring but kneading the color into your dough.


Decorating with chocolate: To do this, we used regular milk chocolate and white chocolate. First you’ll need to melt the chocolate: Get some water boiling in your stove first. Put the chocolate in some heat resistent cooking ware slightly smaller than your pot (some people prefer to add butter too, but I personally don’t like to do that, except when melting very dark chocolate). Insert it into your pot and wait until the chocolate starts to melt because of the hot water that surrounds it. Gradually reduce the heat while stirring until it’s fully melted. We applied it to the cookies by using a regular spoon and dipped toothpicks into the melted chocolate to draw some details.



Filling cookies with jam: One of the easiest and fuss-free ways to up your cookie game is „glueing“ cookies together with jam. Use the same method we explained before to heat the jam. Simply take two cookies of the same size and spread jam on one side and press both of them against each other (we used homemade peach and strawberry jam). Let them cool down and you’re done!


Bon Appetit!


If you want make these cookies, download the recipes here:



(English versions coming soon) 


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