Golden Snitch ornament

Golden snitch ornament by Weird and Wonderful DIY

If you are still looking for pretty ways to decorate your christmas trees this year and want something nerdy, you should try these Golden Snitch ornaments. They will not only bring back happy memories of you reading J.K. Rowlings books but also of Harry Potter spending his first christmas at Hogwarts.

Golden snitch ornament by Weird and Wonderful DIY

You will need:

– small golden (but otherwise plain) christmas ornaments
– special adhesive or a hot glue gun- white feathers
– scissors

To bring a little magic into your home you’ll first need to clean the ornaments so the glue will actually stick to it. Cut the feathers to a length that fits the size of your ornaments and bend them a little at the base.

Now put some glue (I used a special adhesive for this, but a hot glue gun or any other good glue will work just fine, as long as it’s clear after drying) on the middle of the ornament and gently press the bent part of your feather against it until it’s secure.Repeat this with a second feather on the opposite side and leave it to fully dry. Once you are sure the glue dried all the way gently tweak and bend the feathers into the final position.

Golden snitch ornament by Weird and Wonderful DIY

Golden snitch ornament by Weird and Wonderful DIY


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