DIY Clay Jewelry

DIY Clay Jewelry

Recently I’ve been thinking about what kind of gift I could give my mum for Christmas, so I skimmed through Pinterest to find some inspiration an stumbled upon these beautiful DIY clay jewelry pieces. Since they are really simple to make I decided to give it a go and they turned out to be gorgeous!


If you are still looking for a quick an pretty DIY gift for someone I highly recommend this project. So here are the step by step instructions on how to make these necklaces and rings.

diy_clay_jewelry_weirdandwonderfuldiy71. What you’ll need: Polymer clay in black and white (or any other color, depending on what you want to make). I used FIMO which you can get from Amazon, but any other brand is fine too.


2. Using two colors of choice, form a strand of clay each.


3. Twist the two strands of clay around each other.


4. Now knead them together. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the color pattern.


5. Form a Ball.


6. Now flatten your clay and using a knife or a round object, cut out different shapes.


Usually the clay has to be baked in the oven to harden. Stick to the instructions of your clay to see how long you have to bake the finished shapes. Don’t forget to add small holes in your clay shapes if you are making necklaces! Otherwise you wont be able to add the actual necklace later on.


Easy right? I think these make a really good gift and they are incredibly simple to make, so just give it a go 😉



If you liked this post, stay tuned for more! We will be posting new, wintery DIY projects every day until Christmas. So feel free to join our countdown to Christmas and let yourself get into that festive mood😉


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