DIY mini Christmas Trees made of paper

DIY mini Christmas trees made of paper by Weird and Wonderful DIY

Today’s post shows you a cute and simple upcycled Christmas tree-DIY you can make in less than fifteen minutes. All you need is a magazine or book you don’t want or need anymore, scissors and wooden sticks.

I was reluctant to try a project that involves destroying a book since I saw those pretty book art DIYs on Pinterest for the first time. Last week however I found this incredibly awful book I read a few years ago while cleaning up our attic and finally found a purpose for it.


All you need to do is taking a few pages at a time and cutting out rectangles in different sizes. I used a zig-zag-scissor for this since I like how cute it looks that way, but normal scissors work just fine. When you’re finished you need to get the wooden sticks (even a toothpick would work, if you only want a tiny christmas tree) and push one of them through  the paper. Keep doing that while using a smaller piece of paper each time until you are satisfied with the result. I put tiny pearls on top of my trees but that’s totally optional.


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